Raspberry Pi

The server at the centre of the Polly system doesn't have to work very hard so when the Raspberry Pi was launched I immediately thought it would make a good platform.

With the PIO card well in the past, all the external interfaces are by bog standard TCP sockets or serial ports so, in theory, the software should "just work".  But what about the very different processor at the heart of the Pi?  Only one way to find out.  I installed the ncurses library, copied the source code across from my PC and typed make and it built without errors.  So I ran it and it worked!  As simple as that.

Of course, I later hit some problems with USB lockups, see the blog posts for details, but no changes were required to my software, and all the problems were eventually resolved.

The Raspberry Pi is running an up to date Raspbian "wheezy" distribution downloaded from the Raspberry Pi website.  During the testing phase I was regularly updating the system's software but I'll probably not bother now it's in full service.

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