1.  The Beginning

It all started back in 1993.  The first version of the software went live on 29 July.  I think it initially only controlled the landing light.

Enhancements came thick and fast, beginning with central heating control in August 1993

2.  Added PICNET

February 1996 saw the first PICNET node added to the system.  See the PICNET page for details.

3.  POLLY96

In June 1996 a new (Well, newer anyway!) PC was provided, taking the server from the original 8086 based system up to a 386 I think.

4.  Move House

In September 1997 I moved house.  By October Polly was up and running again, but the PIO card was no longer in use so all inputs and outputs were via PICNET.

5.  Ported to Linux

October 2006 saw Polly ported to Linux.  Headless operation was introduced at the same time.

5.  Added ETHPIC

In March 2010 ETHPIC functionality was added to the system, with the first node going live shortly afterwards.  See the ETHPIC page for details.

6.  Raspberry Pi

In April 2013 the server was migrated to a Raspberry Pi.  Rather pleasingly, no software changes were required to achieve this.

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