Saturday, 6 April 2013

Progress At Last

I was finally able to devote a little time to the project, and I'm pleased to report that just a few minutes on the internet came up with a small tweak which some users reported had resolved their lockup problems.

So I added the magic incantation 
into the configuration file /boot/cmdline.txt and things are looking a lot better.

The up time is over four days at the time of writing, which is a lot better than it achieved before and I am currently letting Polly-Pi take over live control periodically, when a crash wouldn't be too inconvenient.

Now it's a bit early to be getting excited, all the previous incarnations of Polly have a total score of one crash in almost twenty years of continuous running, so four days hardly proves anything, but we'll see . . .

Update 09 April:  Still going strong. . .