Polly is a domestic control system consisting of software running on a server, and a network of equipment to allow this software to control various aspects of the domestic environment.  Polly is over twenty years old, the first version went live in July 1993.

Polly-Pi mixes old and new, taking the existing Polly software and deploying it on the Raspberry Pi.

This web site is still incomplete.  I will add more details as time goes on.

Here's a quick list of what Polly does for me:

  1. Turn on the lights when I go into a room.
  2. Control the central heating.  I work on an eight day shift pattern, so of course Polly is not restricted to the normal seven day week.
  3. Wake me up at the right time, again with an eight day pattern.
  4. Tell me the time.
  5. Monitor the temperature around the house, including in the loft, and activate the heating if there's any risk of freezing.
  6. Control what plays on my audio system, and switch it off after a period of silence, or when I leave the house.
  7. Record the number from incoming phone calls and show a name if the number is recognised.
  8. Put lights on in various rooms when I'm out to simulate a presence in the house.
  9. Monitor the front door bell.
  10. And so on . . .

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